The quality of the wine from the grape (grape maturity)


It is clear and everyone knows that without good grapes you cannot make wine. In this way, the Winemaking and Viticulture departments of Vicente Gandía wineries dedicate our best efforts to grow the property’s vineyards, determining the optimal harvest time and preparing our wines in a comprehensive way that allows us to obtain the highest […]

Garnacha Tintorera keeps a secret inside

Sometimes knowing where a variety comes from is difficult; there are times when the same variety has different names depending on where it is grown. The Garnacha Tintorera has a confusing origin and in this respect there are different opinions. Henri Bouschet in 1866 crossed the petit bouschet with the fleshy Grenache (in France it […]

Generación 1 Vicente Gandía made from the best

Generación 1 Vicente Gandía Grandes Añadas is a great wine, achieved thanks to the effort and the feeling that was put into its creation. This occasion required much of both, since it was about honouring the founder of the winery, Don Vicente Gandía.  Sommeliers from all over Spain have collaborated in its production, contributing their […]

The evolution of the wine bottle since 1971

In 1971 Spain was going through times of change. Spain started to open up to the rest of the world, the Seat 124 Sport triumphed, “Un mundo nuevo” by Carina came second in the Eurovision Song Contest, Julio Iglesias and Isabel Presley were married in a wedding that flooded the pages of the magazines of […]