Vicente Gandia reinvent the Bobal from the hand of Pepe Hidalgo

Bobal Blanco and Bobal Negro are the two new creations of Bodegas Vicente Gandía, winegrowers since 1885. This project is the first one carried out by Pepe Hidalgo, new Technical Director of Bodegas Vicente Gandía. Hidalgo comes from a long saga of winemakers and has extensive experience in maximizing the quality of Bobal, the indigenous […]

Sandara presents the new 250ml aluminium bottle

Vicente Gandia winery is pioneer once again in the wine industry being the first winery in Valencia using this type of packaging. After six years harvesting success, Sandara re-invents itself again and introduce its products in a brand new individual 250 ml packaging made of aluminum. Sandara White and Sandara Rosé will be the two […]

Avento, the new wine of Vicente Gandia

Vicente Gandia winery release a new fruity white wine made with Malvasia and Moscatel grape varietal. Avento is an aromatic white wine with Malvasia and Moscatel, two grape varietals cultivated in the Mediterranean area and cared by our winemakers. Pepe Hidalgo, our head winemaker, says: “This wine is the perfect choice for today’s consumers. It’s […]

Integral sustainability member of the food industry

Today it is an indispensable requirement for all sectors of comprehensive sustainability. For this reason, the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPA) has developed and implemented within the food industry, an improvement system that covers many aspects: economic, environmental and social. Vicente Gandia has joined voluntarily. Within the framework of these actions: INTEGRAL SUSTAINABILITY […]

Hoya de Cadenas, the benchmark of Valencian cava

Valencia has been the pioneering region in producing Cava outside of Catalonia and is perhaps the one region which has achieved the greatest success in terms of both productivity and quality. Valencian cavas have been massively appreciated by consumers throughout Spain over the past few years. The Hoya de Cadenas cavas have enhanced their image […]