José Hidalgo tells us how the 2020 harvest is going in Vicente Gandia

The technical director of Vicente Gandia Winery  joined the company at the beginning of 2019. During his second harvest at the Hoya the Cadenas State, he has highlighted the Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc varieties. Hidalgo has an amazing professional background in the wine industry and during his first year at Vicente Gandia Winery, he has signed […]

Vicente Gandia reinvent the Bobal from the hand of Pepe Hidalgo

Bobal Blanco and Bobal Negro are the two new creations of Bodegas Vicente Gandía, winegrowers since 1885. This project is the first one carried out by Pepe Hidalgo, new Technical Director of Bodegas Vicente Gandía. Hidalgo comes from a long saga of winemakers and has extensive experience in maximizing the quality of Bobal, the indigenous […]