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Bobal, Cabernet, Shiraz

General Information

Type of wine: Wine with aging potential. Limited edition wine
Appellation of Origin: Utiel – Requena
Grape varieties: Bobal, Cabernet, Shiraz
Alcohol content: 13%

Grapes from selected vineyards on the Hoya de Cadenas Estate, where Gandía Winery has over 200 hectares of the finest local and international varieties. All the vine stocks are supported on trellises and have a local irrigation system, entirely computerised, which is only used when rainfall is scarce. Pruning, pre-pruning and harvesting are all carried out using environmentally friendly techniques to prevent soil erosion and exhaustion. The Hoya de Cadenas Estate, situated 800 m ASL in the Utiel-Requena Appellation of Origin region, has lime-clay soil and a continental/Mediterranean climate which are perfect for obtaining a wine with intense aromas and high concentration. The Bobal variety vine stocks are over 30 years old; the other varieties have an average age of 15 years.



Macerated for 20 days in contact with the grape skins, the vinification of each variety carried out separately. Fermentation takes place at 27ºC. Aged for 12 months in casks with a combination of 1st year French Allier oak and 2nd year Missouri oak.

Medals / Awards

Gold Medal
Mundus Vini (Germany)

Guía ABC Viajar (Spain)
91 Puntos

Guía La Semana Vitivinícola (Spain)
94 Points

Guía Peñín (Spain)
91 Points

Guía Repsol (Spain)
91 Points

Tasting notes

A wine of intense, dark cherry colour. Very balanced bouquet, revealing aromas of wild red fruit, blackberry and forest, with very well balanced toasted oak undertones. Pleasant but intense assault with liquorice notes that linger in the aftertaste. Rounded and with no edges.