Albufera Monster

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Albufera Monster

Organic and vegan beer

After many years of experience in the wine industry, we’ve ventured into the world of another fermented beverage. Albufera Monster is our contribution to the world of beer. It is a craft beer created by winemakers using lightly toasted, organic barley and wheat malts.

We wanted to make a smooth, aromatic Blonde Ale, using a combination of two different varieties of organic hops, which give the beer a distinguished aroma.

We ferment our beer twice. The second fermentation happens in the bottle itself, which allows for natural carbonation (without the addition of CO2). This creates a light carbonation that is evenly distributed throughout the beer, giving the drinker a pleasant, healthy and unique sensation.

Alcohol by volume: 4.2% vol.
Bitterness: very light (7 IBU)
Colour: light amber (13 EBC)
Container: 33 cl topaz glass bottle.
Best enjoyed at 6º-8º C.
Store in a cool, dry place. Shelf life of 24 months after bottling.



Ideal as an accompaniment to tapas, salads, rice dishes, and grilled meat or fish.

Tasting Notes

Light amber-coloured beer, with an aroma that offers hints of honey and vanilla, reminding one of a California Chardonnay. Creamy and light mouthfeel. Drinkable and very refreshing. Faintly bitter, perfectly integrated with its malt flavours, resulting in a delicious beer.