How to taste a wine like a professional

Cómo catar un vino

In my previous post: How much should I pay for a good wine? I promised to answer the first question I get asked when I meet someone and they find out that I work in a winery: “Do you spend the day drinking wine?” Well, the answer is no. Tasting a wine is not drinking, […]

Sustainability is not a fashion but an obligation

sostenibilidad javier gandia

The new times have brought uncertainty that, in one way or another, are having an impact on the economy and, consequently, on society and consumer habits. The crisis is causing a lack of supply and rising prices of essential materials for our sector such as glass, cork, cardboard, wood and capsules. The supply crisis joins […]

How many calories does the wine have?

calorias vino

Surely on some occasion you have asked yourself some of these questions, and you have not found the answer on the label. This is because wine, although it is a food, is exempt from indicating the list of ingredients and nutritional values, according to the current labeling legislation for having more than 1.2% alcohol. This […]

The International Marketing of Bodegas Vicente Gandia


Constant adaptation is essential to understand Vicente Gandía’s International Marketing policy. The winery adapts to the needs of customers worldwide, respecting all cultures. With an international presence that reaches almost 100 countries on the five continents in 2021, Bodegas Vicente Gandía is considered the main winery in the Comunidad Valenciana and one of the largest […]

What factors influence the purchase of wine?

compra de vino

To try to decipher all the conditions that my friend María is going to consider when she goes to buy the wines for her dinner with friends at home, we continue to review other factors that will surely end up influencing your decision. Attributes of the product The extrinsic attributes of the product are those […]

Without complex. What do you want?

sin complejos vino

After almost twenty years working in a winery, it is inevitable that friends repeat the phrase “choose the wine, you know how …” every time we’re coming together to eat, have dinner or celebrate something. Just as inevitable is my answer, always the same: if you had a cook friend, would you ask him to […]

Factors that influence when we buy a bottle of wine

factores compra vino

Continuing with María’s story, we are going into deep a little more about the factors that change her mind when making the decision to buy bottles of wine for her dinner with friends at home. Wine, like many other products, is defined based on a series of intrinsic and extrinsic attributes. The intrinsic elements are […]

How much should I pay for a good wine?

debo pagar por un vino

This is the second question that everyone I meet for the first time asks me after I tell them that I work in a winery. And the truth is, it is as difficult as being told to describe yourself in four words. But well, I’ll try to answer. There are some 5000 wineries throughout Spain […]

Sustainable criteria in the purchase

criterios sostenibilidad

Incorporation of sustainability criteria in the selection of materials of forest origin At Vicente Gandia Pla, we started a sustainability project in 2020, within the framework of our environmental management system certified according to ISO 14001. One of the objectives of this project is to review the packaging materials of our products, a green purchasing […]

How do we perceive wine?

percibir el vino

As we have already seen, according to our leading guru Gordon M. Shepherd, the taste of wine is created in the brains of consumers, that is, the same wine is not perceived the same by different people. This is something we already know, it’s nothing new, and some of us like a wine that others […]