The value of a medal in a wine

We can see the birth of our wines since they are only the fruits of a plant until they are finally bottled. With all the effort and affection that we put into it, our wines will always be the best in the world for us. But for you, my opinion may not have any value, […]

The most important thing is inside?


As it happens with people, the most important thing in wine is also inside…However, as it happens on Instagram, the first thing we see is the exterior and that is what catches our attention. With an eye-catching bottle, the chances of attracting the consumer are much higher. Today we will talk about the first thing […]

Drinking wine is beneficial because…

We all know that drinking wine in moderation is beneficial. In the past the gods claimed, either by intuition or experience, but not for any scientific reasons, that wine was a drink of the gods. If we look at it from a scientific point of view, we can say that the benefits of wine are […]

6 basic conditions for keeping wine in your wine rack

The next step after purchasing the wine, before consumption, is its perfect conservation. The best way to do this is in a wine cellar, in storage cabinets or air-conditioned cabinets, which reproduce the ideal conditions for your wine to be perfectly conserved. The problem is that they are often expensive and difficult to obtain. So […]

Discover the “Real” origin of Hoya de Cadenas

Hoya de Cadenas has real origins that date back to the seventeenth century. In this era, Spain was a country in crisis. The monarchy was in a delicate situation since it did not have any financial resources, exhausted after the Thirty Years’ War and the battle with the French, having to support of their constant […]

Discover the history of Vicente Gandía, the dawn of great wines

Mr Vicente Gandía, is the first generation of this winery, the founder of the company, a man with the character and strength that established the foundations of Bodegas Vicente Gandía. From humble origins, Vicente Gandía, was born in 1865 in Agullent, a small town located at the southern end of the province of Valencia, wine […]

Why does the vine weep, if its fruit is full of joy?

It is not a sign of sadness, the vine weeps with joy. The plants begin to awaken from a long state of lethargy in which they have remained throughout the winter, giving them the appearance of lifelessness. That is why this phenomenon of weeping is so curious since it is the beginning of the vine’s […]